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Winning at life

It's what we do best

We Win at Life. Deal With It.
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Um.... to show the world how much we win at life.
What can I say?! We totally win at life.

Hey you. Yes I am talking to you reading this right now. This is the win at life club and you cannot join. Just kidding, but you have to be approved so hopefully you really do win at life or else you lose out and do not get to join. If you add us and we don't add you back either we were too lazy to, or you don't win at life therefore you can not be apart of our win at life club. Sorry. But if you do get lucky enough to become a member post you winning at life story about something awesome you did or want to do or just about something anything you think wins at life.

And let's be positive people. Bashing of any sort will not be tolerated. We are all intitled to our own appions to what wins at life. The first and second time you will get a warning. But the third you will be ban from the community and no longer exsist. So play nice.